Miniature Potbellied Pig Registry Service, Inc

Preserving the ORIGINAL Miniature Pig

When to call a vet

  • unable/unwilling to get up 
    ​hasn't moved in over 8 hours
    Not eating for more than 24hrs
    Hasn’t defecated/urinated in 48hrs
    Persistent vomiting or diarrhea for 24hrs or more
    Temperature of over 102.5
    Severe or persistent lameness
    Severe lacerations or persistent bleeding
    Blood in stool
    Seizures, spasms, or in-coordination
    Rapid breathing or distressed breathing
    Ate something that is poisonous or could cause an obstruction
    Painful abdomen
    Sudden behavior change
    foul smell coming from any area of pig
    discharge from vulva or prepuce
    hasn’t delivered piglet in 4hrs from start of labor
    longer than 45minutes since delivered last piglet and is still in labor
    ​longer than 12hrs since last piglet and no afterbirth