Potbellied Pig Pet Registration

Miniature pigThis hardship registry is intended for owners of pet potbellied pigs who are looking to register their pig for purposes of joining therapy animal programs, for compliance with county/city/HOA ordinances, or to be able to participate in group events requiring registration. If you are interested in applying for a Certificate of Registration as a pet pig, please fill out the application below and submit with three color photos (left, right, face) of your pig showing any identifying marks. Please note, this registration is for our non-breeding pet program. It DOES NOT register your pig as a breeder. No offspring of pigs registered through our pet registry will be registered on the basis of their parents.

If you are looking to register your pig as a breeder, please go to our letter on registering your pig as a breeder. Breeders misleading buyers by registering animals through our hardship registry in order to claim animals as registered will have all certificates and registration rights revoked. Carefully read the requirements and then fill out the appropriate forms through the link at the bottom. (Register a breeder-Click HERE)

APPLICATION for PETS can be found here (downloadable as a Word document). Please follow the directions on the application and email all files to info@miniaturepotbelliedpigregistry.com.

Please note, pictures must be in JPEG format and must not exceed 1250×800 pixels. Once your application has been approved we will contact you to submit payment through our PayPal link below. Registration fees for the pet registry are $50 (plus shipping/handling fees).

Pet Pig registration payment can be made through PayPal after approval.