Registering Your Mini Pig

The Miniature Potbellied Pig Registry Service, Inc. (MPPRSI) is a closed registry, and as such we only accept pigs whose parents are already registered or who were registered with the original Potbellied Pig Registry Service, Inc (PPRSI) and meet the Miniature Potbellied Pig standard. If you have documentation to confirm parentage to either a MPPRSI or PPRSI registered pig you may be eligible for registration. In addition to documentation you may be required to have a genetic background test performed on your pig to confirm parentage.

Pet Registration

We have added a separate registration process for previously unregistered Potbellied Pigs. This registration process is a hardship registry for pigs previously undocumented but require registration. If you have a pet pig you are looking to register for use as a therapy pig or for compliance with city, county, or HOA regulations please go to our PET REGISTRY page for more information

Breeder Registration

For breeders of Miniature Potbellied Pigs, please follow our link to our BREEDER REGISTRATION page for forms and fee schedules for registration.Non-members who are interesting in registering their pure-bred Miniature Potbellied Pigs should also proceed to the Breeder Registration for more information on how to become a member and the registration process for their pigs.