Keeping your Pig Healthy

Below we have links to several articles written with your piggy’s health in mind. Please browse through these links to learn about caring and training your pig.

  • FEEDING – General guidelines for feeding your pig to keep him at his healthiest.

  • TRAINING – Helpful hints for training your pig

  • VITALS – Normal vital signs of mini pigs (heart rate, temperature, and respiration rate)

  • WHEN TO CALL A VET – Questioning whether your piggy needs a call to the vet? Check out this list as a helpful guide.

  • SALT TOXICITY – A great article about the importance of water and your pig. Included are signs of salt toxicity and what to do.

  • DELECTABLE OR DEADLY – A great guide to tasty treats and poisonous plants to watch for

  • BCS – A quick reference for how to tell if your pig is at a healthy weight. Developed by a vet to help owners keep their pigs at a normal, healthy weight.

  • FAQs – If you haven’t found answers to your questions, please check our FAQ page.
Miniature pig care